29 Mar 2014

Kaikhali: An ideal weekend destination near Kolkata

How about spending this weekend nearby Kolkata? Spending a weekend close by not only saves one from extensive travelling, but also from fatigue and tiredness. However, before beginning any tip, one needs to have the fair amount of details about a spot to make out if the place worth a visit. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get relevant information about a weekend destination because it is a new one or not much written about it in the past. Today, Life Breezy takes the initiative to unveil one such spot that is not much in the limelight because people are not much aware of it.

Kaikhali is an ideal spot to spend two or three days. People travelling to the Sundarban often make sure to visit the place and relax. Together with this place some other noteworthy spots nearby are the Piyali Island (distance 17 kilometres) and the Jharkhali. Learn more about the Piyali Island, its attractions/activities and how to get there from the website. Kaikhali, a small settlement, at confluence of the Matla and the Nimaniya rivers.


<img src=''Matla river.jpg alt=''Matla river''/>
The Matla river at Koikhali

This place is the supreme package of all the amplitudes of nature. Blessed with the rich ingredients of the natural flora and fauna, it compels one to trip this place time and again. The deep mangrove forests, rivers and oceans decorate the place like that with the painter's brush. The fresh breeze soothes the inner soul of the visitors. One may hire a boat to enjoy the riverside boat ride. The view of the green landscape on both sides, the clear river water, and the calm breeze makes one's heart feel with romanticism. Besides, one may also view the natural beauty from the hanging balcony of the rest house or from its terrace. The view of the busy fishers hurling with nets on the river, the greenery of the mangrove forests and the wide Matla river would rob one's time within a wink. One may take a walk by the riverside in the morning or in the evening, witness the sunrise, listen to the clamour of birds or simply sit at the bank and relax. The thick Sundarban forest lies at the other side of the river and a small village locates adjoining the forest.

How to reach Kaikhali

One may board the Lakhikantapur local or the Namkhana local from the Sealdah Station, Kolkata and get down at the Jaynagar-Majilpur Station. Autos, available from the Station exit, takes 20 minutes to reach Nimpith. One may take lunch at the Shree Ramkrishna Ashram after paying the coupon charge for the lunch. From here, direct autos available for the Kaikhali. Alternatively, if one plans to travel in own car, the routes map would be via the Baruipur through the Jaynagar road.


The Kaikhali Paryatan Abasan available for comfortable lodging and food. The charges per head RS 400 including the food and accommodation. Since, the Shree Ramkrishna Ashram at Nimpith runs this tourist lodge, one needs to take the permission and do the booking from there itself.

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