27 Aug 2016

Best Kolkata Night Clubs

What happens when we put together the words discotheque (dance hall), club and disco together? Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Nightclubs. But then what is a night club in a layman term? Well, in a simple term it’s an entertainment place which is also popular as a discotheque, club or disco in Kolkata. This special kind of club remains open until midnight in the city. It has a special dedicated spot for dancing or the dance floor which is not found in a pub or a bar. Here, DJ or the Disc Jockey plays disco, hip-hop, rock, pop, etc., according to the theme or the mood of the club environment. Besides, some night clubs have the arrangement for live music as well. Together with these, there are suitable arrangements for a snack along with various types of soft and hard drinks as well.

20 Aug 2016

Janmashtami: Birth Story of Sri Krishna

Lord Krishna was born in the Dvapara Yuga, around three thousand years ago, at the prison cell of Kamsa. Amidst tight security mother, Devaki’s eighth son was to take birth. According to a prophecy (akashvani), this son would be the cause of cruel Kamsa’s death. Therefore, Kamsa and his guards are anxiously waiting to kill the eighth or the newborn of mother Devaki.

16 Aug 2016

Calcutta Mounted Police: Sketch from the past to present

Treading from the Esplanade (Dharmatala) region towards the east direction would lead one to the S. N. Banerjee Road. The Kolkata Mounted Police Head Quarters is located on the left side adjacent to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation Building on the main road. The exterior view of the building structure draws the attention of the passers-by. A pinch of greenery flanks the outer space located outside the building structure. The main entrance extends to the broad space inside.

6 Aug 2016

Betla/Palamau National Park

A few weeks ago we wrote about Netarhat, the popular town and hill station in the Latehar district of the Jharkhand State. For its beauty and appeal, it is referred as the ‘Queen of the Chotanagpur Plateau’ as well. Today, we are treading a step further and writing about the Betla or the Palamau National Park located 120 kilometres away from the Netarhat town. Notably, it’s another big tourist attraction of the Latehar district.

12 Jul 2016

Pathra: The Village of Terracotta Temples

The sky getting overcast with thick dark grey clouds, the occasional thundering sounds shaking the land and showers’ ranging from medium to high-frequency wets everything on it. What do these natural phenomena signify? Yes, it signifies the arrival of the Indian monsoon. To be specific these sights are common in almost everywhere in India during this rainy season. However, in the rural areas, some more notable features of the season are experienced by us. For instance, a peacock dancing with its wings widespread forecasts the rain. Again the drizzling sound of the rain and the croaking of the frogs are the extra piece of pudding on the cake for the true nature lovers.