28 Sep 2016

Akanto Apon Picnic Spot at Bibirhat near Kolkata

Sometimes time appears to be rather ruthless in life because it tends to fly away. So instead of wasting it, one should try to fill up every moment with some worthy activities under the sun. Now, speaking of worthy activities moving out with friends and family for a day or short outing is an essential workout that needs to be considered, first. Believe it or not, in the cooler days of life this brings enough charm, warmth, and energy to sail along smoothly across the turbulent ocean of life.

12 Sep 2016

Shanti Sarovar Picnic Spot at Mohanpur

There is no such spot designed to be called a perfect picnic spot. What you need to do is a little research and discover the one that suits your preference. You know technology has taken a frog leap and in a world dominated by YouTube, Facebook, G Plus, etc., gone are the days where reliable information was confined by and limited to a handful of newspapers and magazines. So, if you are struggling with the questions which picnic spot to settle for this time and why? Reach out to ‘Friend Google’ – the Google Search not only suggests you with great choices but also clarifies you the reasons behind selecting any of those spots to a greater extent.  

7 Sep 2016

6th Bangladesh Book Fair at Rabindra Sadan (Kolkata)

Fairs are like any other festivals in Kolkata. These churn out an excellent opportunity for the people to spend quality time in the afternoon or evening with friends and family. However, book fairs have been in a bit of more interest because these together with the guarantee of an excellent outing provide the best food for the eyes and mind. These kinds of fairs come with the license to explore deep into the world of books of one’s choice.

2 Sep 2016

A visit to the A J C Bose Indian Botanical Garden

What if the sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek over the Kolkata sky this week? Life Breezy had already decided to pay a visit to the Indian Botanical Garden located at Shibpur in Howrah near Kolkata. Finally, when it reached the spot, light to medium drizzle was welcoming it on the way. Indeed, the wet spell brought the temperature down and somehow helped in keeping the weather pleasant for the rest of the day.

27 Aug 2016

Best Kolkata Night Clubs

What happens when we put together the words discotheque (dance hall), club and disco together? Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about Nightclubs. But then what is a night club in a layman term? Well, in a simple term it’s an entertainment place which is also popular as a discotheque, club or disco in Kolkata. This special kind of club remains open until midnight in the city. It has a special dedicated spot for dancing or the dance floor which is not found in a pub or a bar. Here, DJ or the Disc Jockey plays disco, hip-hop, rock, pop, etc., according to the theme or the mood of the club environment. Besides, some night clubs have the arrangement for live music as well. Together with these, there are suitable arrangements for a snack along with various types of soft and hard drinks as well.